Translation Listening to the Language of the Bible

Together with two fellow volunteers, Noordman English Translations worked on the English to Dutch translation of Listening to the Language of the Bible (published in Dutch as Luisteren naar de taal van de Bijbel) and the companion bible study. In this book (Uitgeverij Toetssteen, 2016, Vledderveen) Lois Tverberg explains the meaning of key terms in biblical Hebrew in short, accessible chapters. In addition, she addresses the ways in which these terms relate to the message of Jesus in the New Testament. This project presented numerous interesting challenges, such as choosing Dutch Bible translations that match the different English translations as closely as possible, interpreting the English text correctly and providing a fluent text that is pleasant to read. The best compliment Noordman English Translations received about this translation is that it does not appear to be one: the Dutch is as natural as that of a text written in Dutch directly.