Appealing to the thoughts and feelings of the reader in another language is a challenge. With every translation my goal is to make the translation as accessible als the source text and to give it the same tone as the original. I do this with great care for the content and form of your text, your target audience and the communcation style of your organisation.

I would like to refer to the Portfolio page on this website for more information about my experience as a translator. This includes (among other things) experience in translating and/or correcting website texts, academic publications and bible study material.


Correction and Editing

Have you written a text in or translated a text into Dutch yourself, but would you like someone to dot the ‘i’s for you? Or would you like to get help with editing your English texts? I welcome the opportunity to support you in writing accurate, accesible texts that communicate your message even better.


My specialism: Christian texts and church terminology

Perhaps you would lilke to correspond in Dutch with partner churches or other christian organisations. Perhaps you want to translate Dutch texts into English so that they can be included in a publication for your church or Christian organisation. Or you would like to offer your website or other communication in both English and Dutch.

In that case, I would like to help you with consistent and accurate translations or correction of your English or Dutch texts. Also, you can be sure that Bible stories, biblical and church terminology will be translated in the right way and in the right context.



Since no two translations are the same, Noordman English Translations does not use standard translation rates. Would you like to get your text translated by a professional translator? Then please contact me by means of the contact form below. You will receive a response within 24 hours.