About Ariena Noordman

After studying English Language and Culture at the University of Groningen, I gained experience as a English <> Dutch interpreter and translator in various ways, among others by interpreting during meetings and church services. It is a fascinating challenge for me to help people communicate by removing the language barrier between English and Dutch.



I can interpret both simultaneously (at the same time as the speaker) and consecutively (after the speaker has finished) and I am avaible as an interpreter for business meetings and appointments and as a congress interpreter for events, conferences and church services.  



40 euro per hour, not including VAT

320 euro per day, not including VAT

Travel expenses: 0,19 eurocent per kilometer


Wat I can offer you

  • I am familiar with the language and procedures of meetings in English.
  • I can quickly master new subject-specific terms.
  • I have experience in business English.
  • I have experience in church terminology.
  • I am familiar with basic legal terminology.
  • I am a neutral participant in your conversation.
  • All information acquired in the course of my professional duties I consider to be confidential and is treated as such.


Your Advantages

  • You can focus on the content and the goals of your conversation.
  • The conversation will not be negatively influenced by misunderstandings or uncertainty about correct use of language.
  • As an interpreter, I communicate in the first person, so you can address your conversation partner directly.   You do not speak through, but by means of the interpreter.