Welcome to the Services page of Noordman English Translations! My name is Ariena Noordman and I have been fascinated by language ever since I was little: by structures and patterns, but also by the creative ways in which we can play with it. Today, I am still intrigued by the ways in which language connects people or fails to do so.

After studying English Language and Culture at the Unversity of Groningen, I now use my passion for language in three different ways. Through my business, Noordman English Translations, I am active as a translator, interpreter and English language coach. I would like to share with you my passion for the English and Dutch language and what my language skills can do for you.

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Translation fascinates me endlessly, as it continually presents me with new challenges. However, it is not just about solving translation puzzles: for me, the greatest challenge and the greatest satisfaction lie in connecting people by taking away language barriers. I think it is wonderful to keep discovering new ideas and to support people in sharing those ideas with others.



Interpreting is demanding work, but it also gives me a lot of energy. I very much enjoy connecting people and being there when it happens: to see how people make contact with each other. The good thing about interpreting, for me, is that I can offer people very practical support in reaching their goals.  


Dutch Language Coach

I enjoy coaching people, because it gives me pleasure to see others develop their skills and because sharing my knowledge and skills brings me different challenges than translating and interpreting. I am convinced that language coaching helps people to improve their Dutch or English and to feel more confident when speaking in a foreign language. This will enable them to communicate more succesfully, at work or in other situations.